package fluent

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Type Members

  1. trait FluentAPI extends AnyRef

    This trait is used for a fluent API builder.

    This trait is used for a fluent API builder. It defers calling the arguments until the build method is called, so everything here is call-by-name.

  2. trait FluentLogger extends SLF4JLoggerAPI[CorePredicate, FluentMethod] with MarkerMixin with UnderlyingMixin with EntryTransformMixin with EventBufferMixin with OnConditionMixin

    The fluent logger trait.

    The fluent logger trait.

    val fluentLogger: FluentLogger = LoggerFactory.getLogger.fluent"I am a fluent logger").log()
  3. trait FluentMethod extends FluentAPI

    The fluent method.

Value Members

  1. object FluentLogger
  2. object FluentMethod