package slf4j

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Type Members

  1. trait SLF4JLogger[M] extends SLF4JLoggerAPI[CorePredicate, M] with MarkerMixin with UnderlyingMixin with EntryTransformMixin with EventBufferMixin with ConditionMixin with OnConditionMixin

    Public SLF4J Logger interface.

    Public SLF4J Logger interface. This is intended for the end user.

    val markers = Markers(bobj("key" -> "value"))
    val message = "message arg1={} arg2={} arg3={}"
    val arguments: Arguments = Arguments("arg1", 42, true)
    val e = new RuntimeException("whoops"), message, arguments, e);

    the type of method.

  2. trait SLF4JLoggerAPI[P, M] extends SLF4JLoggerComponent[P, M] with Trace[P, M] with Debug[P, M] with Info[P, M] with Warn[P, M] with Error[P, M]

    This trait defines an SLF4J compatible logger with all five levels of logging.

  3. trait SLF4JLoggerComponent[P, M] extends AnyRef
  4. trait StrictSLF4JMethod extends AnyRef

    A strict logger method that only takes type class instances for statements.

  5. trait UncheckedSLF4JMethod extends AnyRef

    An unchecked SLF4J method that takes Any as arguments.