Further Reading

Everything I write on logging is going to be here:

Best Practices

Many of these are logback specific, but still good overall.

Stack Overflow has a couple of good tips on SLF4J and Logging:

Level Up Logs

Alberto Navarro has a great series

  1. Introduction (Everyone)
  2. JSON as logs format (Everyone)
  3. Logging best practices with Logback (Targetting Java DEVs)
  4. Logging cutting-edge practices (Targetting Java DEVs) 
  5. Contract first log generator (Targetting Java DEVs)
  6. ElasticSearch VRR Estimation Strategy (Targetting OPS)
  7. VRR Java + Logback configuration (Targetting OPS)
  8. VRR FileBeat configuration (Targetting OPS)
  9. VRR Logstash configuration and Index templates (Targetting OPS)
  10. VRR Curator configuration (Targetting OPS)
  11. Logstash Grok, JSON Filter and JSON Input performance comparison (Targetting OPS)

Logging Anti Patterns

Logging Anti-Patterns by Rolf Engelhard:

Clean Code, clean logs

Tomasz Nurkiewicz has a great series on logging:

JSON Logging





Bunyan stands out for a number of innovations: ring buffers and JSON specifically.


Logback Encoders and Appenders