Source Code

SLF4J can give access to the line and file of source code, but this is done at runtime and is very expensive. Blindsight provides this information for free, at compile time, through sourcecode macros.

To enable this, use blindsight-logstash and add a blindsight.source.enabled property to the Logback context with the value of true:

  <property name="blindsight.source.enabled" value="true"/>
  <!-- ... -->

This adds source.line, source.file and source.enclosing to the JSON logs:

  "@timestamp": "2020-04-12T17:58:45.410Z",
  "@version": "1",
  "message": "this is a test",
  "logger_name": "example.slf4j.Slf4jMain$",
  "thread_name": "run-main-0",
  "level": "DEBUG",
  "level_value": 10000,
  "source.line": 39,
  "source.file": "/home/wsargent/work/blindsight/example/src/main/scala/example/slf4j/Slf4jMain.scala",
  "source.enclosing": "example.slf4j.Slf4jMain.main"

This is the default behavior, and you can override sourceInfoBehavior in your own implementation to return whatever you like, by replacing the SourceInfoBehavior implementation on the CoreLogger.State.

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